At the beginning of July 2011, a new customer contacted me via e-mail looking for a product that would help him to work less tired and more concentrated. Unfortunately, his job as a chemist requires more and more screen work and less practical work in the laboratory.

When, on the occasion of his visit to my store, I suggested wearing an AURA*Shield and explained to him in detail the properties of this tachyon product, he decided to try it.

On August 30, 2011, he wrote us the following lines via e-mail: Thank you again for the time you have taken for me. The pendant that I bought from you allows me to end the working day "en état de vitalité", that is, with a healthy vitality. At the end of work, I am already much less tired than before. The protection works absolutely reliable.

Merci ;-) for your advice and warm regards !

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