Kinesiological muscle tests and many satisfied users prove flawlessly that this tachyonized pendant noticeably protects and relieves our organism.

At first glance, the term "aura" may cause a feeling of insecurity or ridiculousness ... its existence is no longer questioned even by leading scientists.

After the many feedbacks that have reached me since the introduction in summer 2006, I can confirm with good certainty that wearing the tachyonized AURA*Shield has extremely interesting effects:

>• mental freshness
>• stress reduction
>• increased creativity
>• greater business success
>• higher ability to concentrate
>• less fatigue around electrical devices
>• well-being, even after prolonged screen work

In the implementation of this pendant I have applied various bio-physical laws: On the one hand, each AURA*Shield is made of pure silicon, on the other hand, I deliberately use the color turquoise. That the frequency of turquoise strengthens the thymus gland and therefore can protect against stressful vibrations is undisputed today. In addition, this color promotes communication, creativity and self-confidence, as it also exerts a direct influence on the thyroid gland.

I fondly remember that in the 70s and 80s it was still customary to take a 15-minute break in the morning and in the afternoon. These breaks served the well-being of the entire workforce of the company and thus, of course, directly the success of the company. These short breaks served both the intake of food and an interactive exchange on an interpersonal basis: doping for body and mind ;-)

Further it is interesting that these breaks took place in each case at times, when the human organism was occupied with the topic "digestion". The time at 09:00h in Chinese medicine completes the active cycle of the stomach, while 15:00h completes the active cycle the small intestine. Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that the custom of "coffee break" is practically not used today.

Practically all persons are still not aware that the cause of the problem of electrosmog has to do with the modernization of work equipment. I now address the next question to persons who earned their bread as "office gums" in the 70s and 80s: Do you still remember your good old typewriter, the old cable telephones? No laser printers! No WiFi! No W-LAN! No cable clutter! No cell phones! No remote controls for this and that! No e-mails that you have to answer within x-seconds!

In those days, the air was not yet "polluted" to the extent it is today.

Since the 1990s, the air in modern office buildings has been saturated with electrosmog and positively polarized ions (stressing the organism) produced by the multitude of technical devices that exchange information via the ether. I have published more about ions and their effect on your health under this link.

What effects this kind of chemical-electrical load has on our organism, I have published under the rubric Electrosmog.

Mobbing / Burnout

In practice, I have noticed time and again that for a few years now, more and more employees in managerial positions have been confronted with the subject of burnout symptoms. What is really shocking is the fact that today, according to current studies, about 70% of the people surveyed suffer recognizably from permanent physical and psychological exhaustion! One reason for this may be that practically all of those surveyed have no opportunity to recover briefly during the working day.

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