You will find here interesting information about the GOLD*CHIP: a little "thing" I was allowed to develop almost 25 years ago. Since its introduction in mid-September 1997, the GOLD*CHIP has amazed thousands of users ... and will certainly continue to do so for a long time ;-)

Thanks to the evaluation of scientific and biophysical studies and, above all, thanks to the numerous feedbacks from our customers, we can state with the best of our knowledge and conscience that the GOLD CHIP not only transforms harmful radiation from electronic devices, but that this small gadget can also be very helpful in case of :

fatigue * nervousness * stress * headaches
sleep disorders * listlessness * burnout

The GOLD*CHIP was developed for the following technical devices:

>• Smartphones
>• Tablets
>• Laptops
>• Monitor
>• cordless keyboard and mouse
>• WLAN-router
>• Baby-phones
>• cordless DECT-phones

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