Dear Biotac Team

Isn't this an amazing feedback ? I don't want to withhold it from you. It is the answer from my friend who has not slept without pills for 3 years and graduated from flight attendant training in Chicago a year ago at the age of 55. Sleeping in hotels and working on planes was especially bad for you. The news from her that she is sleeping well again at her home after placing the GOLD*CHIP Disc was great. And now she writes me the following:

THE FIRST TIME I WAS EVEN ABLE TO SLEEP IN A HOTEL ROOM without Ambien. I had 9 hours to recover and placed the sky blue, wonderful, incomprehensible, brilliant and happy disc about a meter away from me by the door.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sending me this life-saving disc !!!!!

Then I put the golden card (GOLD*CARD) in my badge that I wear around my neck. Flying is getting better and better and I am starting to enjoy it again.

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