This reference is based on a visit I made to a law firm in Zurich. On a snowy morning in February 2003, I found myself in the premises of this law firm. Since the move to the new address, a few members of the team had been complaining about concentration problems that had not existed in this form before.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the offices were previously located in a quiet neighborhood with little traffic. After the move, which was partly for traffic reasons, the offices were located on a busy street. The majority of the offices face this street.

During the inspection, it was immediately clear to me what the main reasons for the complaints could be: the streetcar and the two trolleybus overhead lines!

After I had attached three GOLD*CHIP Discs in a distance of approximately 5 meters at the inside of the offices and I provided the safety tableau with a SITAC*CARD in the format A5, everything seemed to be o.k. for me. That this was then also so, the owner confirmed me already few days later by telephone. A few additional information regarding the choice and positioning of the existing pictures and sculptures rounded off my consultations.

In this case, too, it was clearly evident that electrosmog is not a figment of the imagination: electric and electromagnetic fields are, in any case, sooner or later an "anathema" to the human organism.

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