At the end of August 2011, two mothers visited me with their five children aged 2 to 8. They had heard from a friend that there was a way to "protect" themselves against the influence of high-voltage power lines and mobile phone antennas.

Both families live in the same apartment building, which is located in the immediate vicinity of a high-voltage power line. After moving to the new address, two children began to experience sleep disturbances. In addition, the two girls complained of "monsters" that prevented them from falling asleep. They also behaved increasingly anxiously at school.

I suggested you the GOLD*CHIP Disc. The application of this tachyon product is extremely simple: just hang it inside the building, aligned against the interference zone. "You can also "hide" this silicon disc behind a poster or picture if you prefer," I informed you.

Just four days later, one of the two mothers came back; this time with another friend. She is absolutely thrilled with the result, because her little daughter has been sleeping soundly ever since. The mother informed me that she would now like her present friend to benefit from it as well.

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