You may be aware that everything you wear on your body has a clearly defined vibration. Whether you wear cotton clothing or whether you wrap yourself in synthetic fabrics; your body reacts to it. It is also important to know what symbols you surround yourself with.

Since matter is the name for the substance of which all things of the world consist and this in turn consists of smallest particles which are hidden to the human eye, you may be of the opinion:

mizaru * kikazaru * iwazaru

You can assume that a lot of alchemical knowledge is hidden in this pendant and it has an extraordinary effect thanks to the tachyonization process I developed. The GOLD*CHIP Medallion consists of two pentagrams, a decagram and a circle. The flower is made of brass (zinc-copper) and gold.

From a homeopathic point of view is:

>• Gold helpful in depression
>• Silicon helpful in lack of vitality
>• Zinc helpful in concentration disorders
>• Copper helpful in mood swings

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