People who have already had experience with BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products know that we use natural laws for their implementation, which are not necessarily known to all people. So it is with the GOLD*CHIP Medallion: for the production of this pendant we use noble, natural materials such as pure silicon, brass and gold ... and take great care to implement the most perfect and harmonious design possible.

The GOLD*CHIP medallion is made of crystal clear silicon, which has the following properties, among others:

>• purifies the aura
>• helps to create clarity
>• helps to detoxify the body

Since this pendant is slightly convex on the front side, i.e. has a slightly outward curved lens, it weakens external disturbing influences by "breaking" them. The flat back of this pendant forms a perfect circle, representing wholeness, balance, harmony, cosmos and equilibrium.

In relation to the Kabbalah, the ten-petaled, gilded flower is associated with Malkuth, the first sphere through which the initiate enters the Tree of Life. "Coincidentally", the color of this sephirot is associated with rock crystal and quartz, which in turn resonates with the crystal "outer skin" of the GOLD*CHIP Medallion.

In the next section, I'll go into a little more detail about the metals used and the geometric shape of the golden flower that is embedded inside the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon.

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