Harmonizes electrosmog in the living and working area !

Electrosmog is not only generated by mobile phone antennas, high-voltage lines, satellite dishes and roadway lines.

Electrosmog envelops us also in the living and working area. And not only through connected electrical / electronic devices, but also through the electrical cables that are laid in the walls. Since the cables of these fixed lines are mainly made of insulated copper wire, you can imagine that there are actually antennas everywhere in your four walls.

Incidentally, the fact that stretched wires function like antennas and pick up signals was proven by the German physicist Heinrich Hertz on Nov. 11, 1886, when he achieved the first experimental proof by transmitting electromagnetic waves from a transmitter to a receiver.

Maybe Heinrich, born under the star sign of Pisces, was inspired by Mother Nature ;-)

You can assume that the installed cables on the one hand "resonate" together with all connected devices (lamps, TV, clock radio, refrigerator, etc., etc.) in the living and working area, and on the other hand also resonate with all signals entering the building from the outside:

Radio, television, radio, mobile telephony, Wi-Fi, etc., etc.

All these current flows and signals generate so-called left-circular oscillations, which are highly harmful to all living organisms. Modern man is exposed to these oscillations every day. What is meant by left-circular oscillations and what they cause in our body, I have published under this link in the chapter electrosmog. Much reading material ...

The SiTAC*CARDs made of pure silicon, which we developed in 1995, repolarize the entire power grid of your apartment, your house or even the power grid of your workplace.

How do I choose the most optimal SiTAC*CARD for me ?

To choose the most optimal SiTAC*CARD for you (and your family), you can use the following rule of thumb:

for a 1 to 3 room apartment: SiTAC*CARD A6
for a 3 to 5 room apartment: SiTAC*CARD A5
for a rather small family house: SiTAC*CARD A5
for a rather large family house: SiTAC*CARD A4

The effect of the SiTAC*CARDs amazes especially electrosensitive people again and again ! If you like, the SiTAC*CARDs represent an absolutely unusual and extremely effective Feng Shui product in this form, which we offer since 1995 (how time flies).

Where the SiTAC*CARD is placed:

The "disturbing factor" electricity, which makes our life enormously easier, has, like many things on our earth, two faces: We know first of all its smiling face, which supplies us with energy (I will not go into how the electricity is produced now). Its other, invisible face, burdens our bodies. So let's get to the root cause ... the fuse box. It is from this hotspot that electricity enters our living space. The fuse box is the "control center", so to speak.

When you place a SiTAC*CARD in the fuse box, the entire current flow (all electrical lines) is repolarized. Immediately. The application is very easy : fix the laminated SiTAC Card with an adhesive tape in the inner door of the fuse box or stick the SiTAC*CARD directly on the RCDs (those rectangular blue or black things) or -depending on the age of the building- on the fuses. Please do not remove the SiTAC*CARD from the welding; the lamination serves to protect the fine silicon fabric. Thank you.

You can assume with 100% certainty that after the integration of the SiTAC*CARD all connected devices in your household and especially all power lines will have a right-hand spin (health-promoting). With one exception: microwave devices. For various reasons, which I do not want to go into here, I recommend you to do without this "cooking aid". Just ask a kinesiologist and have Microwave-Food tested on your body. To be honest: Microwave food tastes just pampip ... sorry, but as a hobby cook I feel that way.

In short: since practically all vitamins are heat-sensitive, you can assume (scientifically proven) that the losses are a good 80% ... and vitamin C can even be completely "dissolved". The BfS (Federal Office for Radiation Protection Germany) recommends that especially children should not stay directly in front of or next to the device during food preparation. Super !

You don't know what you are missing if you are stressed during the preparation of the most important thing for your body. Take it easy ... and enjoy cooking! It's really fun ... and it's much healthier than staring at the TV all the time. Why not attend a cooking class?

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