This grid - which unfortunately has no connection with the condiment known by this name - was also discovered by a doctor: Dr. Manfred Curry. He was the first to describe this grid: therefore this grid bears his name.

The Curry grid is -in contrast to the Hartmann grid- oriented according to the medians of the cardinal points (north-west / south-east * north-east / south-west) and its intensity varies during the day as well as before and after weather changes. The width of the pathogenic bands is about 30cm during the day, but 100-120cm at night! The explanation for the change in the width of the bands of the Curry Grid is -among other things- due to the magnetic fields of the sun: during the day the Curry bands show a width of about 30cm ... and at night, when the sun is "on the other side of the earth", the bands widen (from 30cm to about 120cm).

This grid is significantly more harmful than the Hartmann Grid. Countless research protocols show beyond doubt that this grid can cause chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and rheumatism.

This grid reaches its maximum power between 02:30 and 03:30h!

If you wake up regularly at this time and can hardly fall asleep ... we strongly recommend that you change the position of your bed ... or place energetic and protective objects such as a Tachyon-Sphere (to be placed under the bed), a GEOTAC*CARD (to be placed under the bed) or a PHAROS II (to be placed in the room). These products are available in my WEB-Shop under this link.

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