To harmonize the Hartmann- and Curry-Grid we have been using the "Tachyon Sphere System" for several years. This system is designed in such a way that a Tachyon-Sphere is placed in each outer corner and a Tachyon Half-Sphere is glued to the ceiling at the intersection point in the middle of the apartment. This creates a tent-shaped tachyon field, which reliably harmonizes these two radiation grids.

The advantage of this system is that no furniture have to be moved and the furniture can be left as it is desired.

Furthermore, we use the tachyonized GEOTAC*CARDs, which are available in different sizes, to harmonize water veins and fault lines. These cards are placed on the ground exactly at the point of entry of the water vein or fault line, thus permanently suppressing these harmful radiation sources. An experienced dowser will find the exact place where the card has to be placed via the pendulum to suppress the water vein.

If external interference such as high-voltage lines and mobile phone antennas are present, they can also be shielded.

To do so, a tachyonized GOLD*CHIP Disc is placed inside the apartment or office.

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