For the harmonization of earth rays I offer three variants:

>• Selective harmonization
>• Harmonization with Tachyon Spheres
>• Complete harmonization

This scaled apartment plan shows very clearly how closely meshed the Hartmann-Grid (green) and the Curry-Grid (yellow-red) are arranged. The Water-Veins (blue) and the Fault-Line (brown) as well as the Ley-Line (drawn in purple) additionally affect the well-being. Note: Not all residential and office buildings are located on water veins or fault lines !

However, they are all exposed to the Hartmann- and Curry-Grid. These two grids are regularly distributed over the entire planet, as are the longitudes and latitudes. So don't be surprised if you are one of those people who feels tired in the morning, because these kind of radiation is really something "special".

* * *

Services: If you are interested in a review and harmonization of your living and/or working area, you can contact one of our sales partners or our team.

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