The selective harmonization is the most favorable variant and usually shows immediate effect !

For selective harmonization we have been using tachyonized SiLICA-Spheres since the beginning of our work.

Place a Tachyon-Sphere of your choice on the bedside table or directly under the bed. You can assume that our Tachyon-Spheres create a field that easily shields two people from the earth's rays.

If external interference such as high-voltage lines and mobile phone antennas are present, they can also be shielded.

For this purpose, a tachyonized GOLD*CHIP Disc is installed in the interior of the apartment or office.

However, electrosmog is not only generated by mobile phone antennas, satellite dishes, high-voltage power lines and roadway lines: electrosmog also envelops us in living and working areas. And not only from connected electrical appliances, but also from the electrical lines that are laid in the walls.

It is therefore advisable to install a SiTAC*CARD in the fuse box!

The advantage of SiTAC*CARDs is that after their installation all connected devices such as TV, PC, printer, stove, lamps, etc. build up a so-called right-circular electromagnetic field (right-spin), which no longer stresses the organism. With one exception: microwave ovens. For this reason, I do not recommend the use of this cooking aid.

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