Here you will find a few examples from practice. The times given in parentheses refer to the duration of treatment ! No joke, even if it sounds absolutely unbelievable. Really no joke !

I can only say: invest one day and experience personally what is possible. I guarantee you 99% that it will "knock you off your chair" ;-) And please do not forget: You yourself "tap" the meridian points on your body. You are really not dependent on "foreign" help here.

Sandra (3 minutes, 50 seconds): She transforms her chocolate addiction to zero within one head pass. Chocolate no longer tastes good to her at all.

Arielle (1 minute, 35 seconds): With one head pass, she improves her vision.

Tanja (7 minutes, 35 seconds): With three tapping sessions she frees herself from the traumatic memory of a car accident (she hit the windshield and suffered from severe headaches and insomnia).

Roxanne (2 minutes, 12 seconds): With a single tapping session, the pain that plagued her after a back injury disappears.

Bernard (2 minutes, 40 seconds): Since he was once locked in a closet as a child, he has suffered from claustrophobia. After a single tapping session, the symptoms "disappeared into thin air."

Roger (11 minutes, 22 seconds): He has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for a good 6 1/2 years and came to the session in a wheelchair. After three tapping sessions, he feels a strong tingling sensation in both his hands and feet, much and less pain in his back. After tapping himself on the meridian points, he gets up with tears in his eyes and later reports that his sleep disturbances have also eased.

Irène (9 minutes, 23 seconds): For years she has suffered from headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Energetically, these symptoms are all connected. After the tapping sessions and regular applications at her home, she achieves a remarkable improvement and feels totally relieved since then.

Peter (8 minutes, 16 seconds): After only two tapping sessions he "frees" himself from a lifelong fear of flying. A few weeks after the seminar we receive a beautiful postcard from Hawaii: Flying is a wonderful thing ;-)

Kevin (9 minutes, 45 seconds): The problem and the pain that recurring corns cause him is solved. On the day of the seminar itself, the pain "disappears", and some time later, so do the corns. Mad.

Getrude (10 minutes, 14 seconds): Even working in the therapeutic field, she had been trying in vain for years to get rid of her panic fear of the dentist. After three knocks, the panic attacks "disappeared". She promised us detailed information about the procedure of the contemplated visit to the dentist.

Sandro (3 minutes, 28 seconds): He made us laugh a lot. After overcoming an older heartbreak with only one knock, he (is a psychologist by profession) ponders over it, because he finds it hard to understand and believe the whole thing.

Again, just for the record, it makes absolutely NO difference whether you believe in it or not: EFT works!

Also for other problems like: Arthritis * Osteoarthritis * Allergies * Fatigue * Nail Biting * Depression * Eating Disorders * Muscle Cramps * Joint Pain * Neck Pain * War Memories * Unfounded Fear * Injuries of all kinds * Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) * etc.

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