In the meantime, you are surely aware of the immensely important role bees play in nature: without bees, there would be practically no fruit! These small insects pollinate virtually all plants and trees. And the fact that honey -the liquid gold- has been considered a versatile remedy for thousands of years should spur us on even more to protect bees.

Thank you very much for your important contribution !

The API-Pearls were designed to protect bee colonies on the one hand from the harmful electromagnetic influences such as radiation from mobile phone antennas, UMTS, WLAN and on the other hand the API-Pearls should protect the bees from parasites.

It is enough to use one or two API beads per hive. To do this, hang the API bead directly into the hive by the thread provided. Despite the small size of the API bead, its effect is strong enough to sufficiently energize a hive with tachyon energy.

The API-Pearls made of pure tachyonized silicon are packed in boxes of 10.

Based on years of experience, we can assume that tachyon energy is able to strengthen the immune system and repolarize electrosmog relatively consistently.

To give you an idea of the health-promoting properties of honey, I have published detailed information in the next section.

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