We got the idea for the water beads in the summer of 1999 during a channeling. When asked what we could do for Mother Earth, we were asked to tachyonize small glass beads in drop form and offer them at cost price.

The water beads promote re-information of water and contribute to qualitative improvement.

The water beads can be thrown into springs, streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and other bodies of water. The waters are thereby revitalized with light-filled energy.

Water crystal energy picture of the water pearls photographed by Ernst F. Braun, Atelier für Kunst und Mystic, 3628 Uttigen (BE) following the method developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto. More information about his interesting work can be found on his homepage: wasserkristall.ch

PS: The water beads can also be placed in aquariums, ponds and ecosystems where animals and plants should feel comfortable.

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