Ritual to manifest a luminous ambiance
in the living and working area

As already mentioned: Each E*GATE Obelisk is perfectly suited to harmonize and cleanse places burdened by "negative energies".

If you have read the information of the liberation ritual, you are able to cleanse such burdened places. You can use more or less the same statements; only that the E*GATE Obelisk should be told what it "has" to do.

Place the E*GATE Obelisk in such a way that the four side faces (not the corners) are arranged analogously to the cardinal directions, i.e. pointing towards north, south, west and east.

If you prefer or wish, you can also do it in writing, fold the note and put it under the E*GATE Obelisk. As you know now, is excellent to transmit lightful wishes.

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