At the beginning of autumn 2016, I was visited by a customer who - according to her - was totally at the end of her tether. Her baby, which saw the light of day 5 months ago, has slept through practically every night since birth. She, as well as her husband, are totally at the end with their nerves. Black thoughts creep around her.

My first thought was: the baby's crib is on an interference zone. It would probably be a good idea to move the baby's crib to the master bedroom. "I can't do that," she replied to me. "Our bedroom is too small. Don't you have anything that could help us?"

"Maybe. Maybe this can help you" ... pointing to the rainbow igloos displayed near the front door. "Please try this; place an igloo of your choice between the mattress and the slatted base in the crib, at head height. This small object has already helped many parents, respectively the babies".

Since I knew this customer very well (she had taken a pendulum course with me a good 14 years ago), I suggested that she test the igloo for a few days free of charge. She had intuitively chosen a purple and gold rainbow igloo. Good choice (I thought to myself).

Two weeks later (if I remember correctly) she visited me unexpectedly with a huge bouquet of flowers (sunflowers) and a big smile. "I don't know how to thank you. I really don't. You saved our lives (hmmm, typical Suisse Romande exaggeration). In fact, not two nights passed before the glittering stone showed its effect. I no longer knew what it felt like to sleep deeply and well. With sparkling and shining eyes, she pressed a firm kiss on my cheek and hugged me warmly. Oops, oops ;-) I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I was sorry for cut flowers .... and so I offered them against closing time to another customer.

In the meantime, she has become a mother for the second time and has stocked up on another igloo as a precaution. Then, as she was leaving my store, a new customer happened to walk in with a bright red stroller and inquired if I had "something" that would help her sleep better. She said it wasn't for her, but for her baby. It practically never slept a night.

"Hmm, maybe they should exchange the current stroller for another one. The color red hardly helps promote a peaceful night's sleep. And I hope you didn't choose red, yellow or orange for the baby's crib in your home ... and that you don't dress the little princess in pajamas in those colors. Please choose cream colored bedding with a few purple dots!

And, regarding sleep problems, you can turn to her (pointing to my acquaintance) right away. She knows what might be good for you." After a lively discussion, two happy mothers left the Papillon Bleu ;-)

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