The Rainbow Igloo was the first faceted geometric object in our palette, which is vaporized with different metals in a special process in a high vacuum, so that it subsequently takes on its characteristic appearance and shines in different colors depending on the incidence of light. The Rainbow Igloo has 33 facets.

In the fall of 1997, after extensive radiesthesic and kinesiologic analyses, I found that the potential effect of the Rainbow Igloo can be associated primarily with the theme of "protection". Thus, this wonderful tachyon product, which, by the way, is individually handmade, serves primarily for protection during sleep. It builds up a tachyon field that protects sleeping persons from "unwanted" energies.

Absolutely excellent and, moreover, beautiful object, which is especially there for toddlers and children who complain about bad dreams or even "presences" that disturb them during the night.

I like to remember an interesting case that happened in the summer of 2009: A mother came into my store late in the afternoon and wanted to buy a natural shampoo. No sooner had she entered the store with her two children than the younger of the two ran straight for the rainbow igloos on display and said gently but firmly, "Mamma, I want that!" She asked the price and then informed her son that this "thing" was too expensive. However, he remained "rooted to the spot" in front of it and could not be dissuaded from leaving the store without this glittering product.

As we were leaving the store, the mother turned around again briefly and asked me, "What is this product for, anyway?" "It's to give children protection during sleep, especially children who suffer from nightmares," I answered her. She looked at me, completely puzzled, and said, "My son has been suffering from nightmares for months, and he comes to sleep in our marital bed practically every night!

The little boy's eyes (about 6 years old) then shone like little stars when his mother allowed him to take this little shiny "thing" home. As she told me later, he immediately felt much better: since then he has been sleeping soundly and has a stronger self-confidence.

The Rainbow Igloo is also used to energize rooms (office, apartment, practice, etc.). Simply place it on the desk or next to/under the massage table or stick an Igloo on the ceiling. A pyramid-shaped arrangement of 5 Rainbow Igloos (put one Igloo in each of the four corners on the floor and stick the fifth one in the middle on the ceiling) increases the CHI in rooms noticeably !!! Negative radiation from outside (electro-smog from power lines, transmitters, etc.) is harmonized for the most part.

An unusual, but extremely effective Feng Shui product, which is available in two color variations: indigo/gold and yellow/lime green.

Indigo blue is the healing color par excellence and should not be missing in any medicine cabinet, because this color is helper in many situations. Indigo is assigned to the forehead area, the "third eye", the pituitary gland. Indigo has the ability to awaken and strengthen intuition. In medicine, this color brings calm. Indigo blue calms the fire, all kinds of inflammations, headaches, the nerves, high blood pressure, the mind, just everything.

Gold since ancient times represents splendor, wealth, abundance and also wisdom. On a physical level, the color "gold" is associated with the small and large intestines, the nerves and also the skin. The region around the small and large intestine, located between the coccyx and solar plexus is also the region of anxiety, the seat of fears. The queasy feeling in anxiety is not found in the head, but around the navel.

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Yellow is the brightest color in the rainbow spectrum and is assigned to the solar plexus, also called the solar plexus. It is assigned the entire digestive tract, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas and liver. This color has to do with joy. With unbridled joy. Yellow helps people who suffer from constant stress, anxiety, insecurity and lack of self-confidence.

The color lime green is often used when it is necessary to make projects sprout or to be supported in new beginnings. Interesting for people who hide their abilities and often think: "I can't do that". Also recommended for those who do not dare to be more successful and lead a hectic lifestyle.

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