I received this feedback via email on Monday, May 21, 2018 at 21:52h. It comes from a young mother who visited me in my store about 2 weeks before and complained about sleep problems. Since the move just over 2 months ago, she, her partner and especially her 3 year old son were practically not sleeping through the night. She was nearing the end of her nerves, she said. "Do you have time to do a geobiological survey and harmonization in our apartment, especially in the bedroom?"

After we made an appointment (the matter was by all appearances urgent) I went to see her in her apartment on the third floor. It is a building that was built in Montreux in 1900.

She told me again that I should examine only the master bedroom; the energy in the other rooms was good. She had once attended a pendulum seminar ... but could not solve the problem in her bedroom.

When I examined this room with my rotary rods, the bio-tensor and the pendulum, I found: in the bed I found a double cross Hartmann / Curry ... no water vein(s) and a slight electromagnetic disturbance coming from outside. I was able to harmonize this interference by placing (under the bed) an indigo colored tachyon sphere.

This family, which is extremely rare, has no WiFi. Through radiesthesia I found out that the electrical lines of the apartment still need to be repolarized. I solved this problem by placing a tachyonized SiTAC*CARD A6 behind the electric meter (located in the hallway in front of the door).

And, to conclude this short consultation, I advised her three times to cover the mirror in the bedroom with a cloth (especially during the night) .... ts, ts, ts ... that I have to say this over and over again ;-) Voila!

And now it is my pleasure to reproduce the feedback of this customer in the original with her consent:

Bonsoir ! Alors voilà les petites aventures suite à votre passage : (lié ou pas, aucune idée !)

Good evening ! Here now the little experiences on the occasion of your visit (connected or not, no idea!)

On s’est retrouvé avec une inondation dans la cuisine hier, le lave-linge et lave-vaisselle ayant fait un énorme reflux dans l’évier tout a débordé dans la cuisine, bien sûr en mon absence, et fait peter le siphon en même temps: donc plombier d’urgence hier soir, 1cm d’eau partout.

Yesterday we were surprised by a flood in our kitchen: the washing machine and the dishwasher made a backflow over the sink, everything overflowed -of course during my absence- and the whole thing made the siphon burst: so plumbing emergency service last night, 1cm of water everywhere.

Et aujourd’hui impossible d’entrer dans l’appartement, j’ai du taper fort sur la porte pour qu’elle s’ouvre. Et le grand miroir du couloir est tombé hier sur notre fils, qui a juste eu très peur mais aucun mal.

And today: impossible to enter the apartment, I had to use force to make the door open. And the big mirror in the hallway yesterday fell on our son, who was very scared, but did not hurt himself.

Et j’ai vu passer deux ombres dans les couloirs (chose qui ne m’arrive jamais) … et deux voisins partent aujourd’hui.

And in the hallway I saw two shadows walk by (something that never happens to me) ... and two neighbors are leaving their apartment today.

MAIS: on dort très très bien, je n’ai plus de crampes et on n’a plus eu de dispute depuis votre passage. Je me sens super détendue en plus, plus du tout agressive comme avant.

BUT: we sleep very very well, I have no more cramps and since you were with us, we no longer argue. In addition, I feel super-relaxed, not at all as aggressive as before.

Donc j’en déduis que les mauvais esprits sont un peu vexés de se faire ficher dehors et nous le font savoir :)))

Consequently, I assume that the evil spirits are a bit offended that we drove them away ... and they let us know ;)))

Merci en tous cas et bonne semaine à vous !

In any case, thank you and have a great week !

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