SiLICA Tachyon Sphere for the home and your business

To "raise" the energy of a room, apartment or business premises, a tachyonized SiLICA-Sphere is placed in each of the outer corners (see sketch below). These four spheres interact immediately after they are placed and enliven the room with subtle tachyon energy. The radius of action is not only limited to the inside of the laying pattern, but has an effect beyond it.

Adjacent rooms are also positively influenced by this laying pattern.

Harmonization of earth rays

The Curry-Grid and the Hartmann-Grid (two terms known to the experienced radiesthesian) denoting health-damaging disturbing influences, are practically completely harmonized by the energetic tachyon field, so that persons staying (or sleeping) in such a room are no longer so strongly influenced by these radiation grids with regard to their health.

To increase the effect, a tachyonized crystalline silicon hemisphere can be glued to the ceiling at the intersection center. This arrangement has an advantage not to be underestimated, because it creates a similar energy as we know it from the tepee: a small and pleasant oasis of well-being.

You can also place just one SiLICA Tachyon Sphere on your night stand: Its radius of action is about 3 meters.

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