SiLICA-Tachyon Spheres for the workplace

Probably the best known sources of disturbance at the workplace are also the most important work equipment: the mouse, the keyboard and the monitor. To protect yourself from their electromagnetic radiation, we have been recommending since 1995 that you place our tachyonized SiLICA-Sphere on your desk.

Our Tachyonized Silicon Spheres create an extremely harmonious energy field; they "attract" tachyons to their center, concentrate them there and create a harmonizing field of about 3 meters in diameter in their environment. Placed in front of PC monitors, they harmonize electromagnetic interference fields and thus prevent negative exposure.

For the workplace we particularly recommend Tachyon Spheres in the following colors:

gold-topaz increases the ability to concentrate
emerald green regenerates and freshens up
aquamarine promotes creativity & communication
indigo blue calms & promotes intuitive thinking
crystal clear clears and purifies

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