sleep better * wake up refreshed

The sphere may be called the most perfect form on earth with a clear conscience. It is also omnipresent in the human body and the five platonic bodies also enter into the perfect symbiosis with it.

The SiLICA spheres, which we have been offering since the introduction of our tachyon products in 1995, can be used for various applications:

>• in the field of Feng Shui
>• for the suppression of earth rays
>• for harmonization of electro-smog
>• for refreshment of living & working spaces

In connection with the individual colors, specific effects can be determined in advance.

Manufacturing with the 5 elements

It may also be interesting to note that in the manufacturing process of the individually handmade silicon balls, the 5 elements are omnipresent:

>• Earth ... fire ... Air ... Water ... Akasha •<

>• Rubric: Protection from electro smog
>• Rubric: Feng Shui & Geobiology
>• Rubric: Application examples

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