Protection and well-being

The inspiration for the realization of the TELEOIS-Monolith came after the desire to create a new object that would have similar characteristics to the SiLICA Tachyon Spheres that we have offered since the beginning of our activity. I "wanted" Something new, Something that attracts a lot of light and can be placed in the bedroom. Something small but fine ;-)

After the repeated reading of the work "Prophecies of Melchi-Zedek in the Great Pyramid and the Seven Temples" by Brown Landone, which was published in 1940 and translated into German from English by Werner Zimmermann in 1942, I "knew" that this new object "must" have the form of a monolith. By the way, the German title is: Die mystischen Meister. Prophezeiungen Melchi-Sedeks in der Großen Pyramide und den Sieben Tempeln.

I felt that the new object would not be made of stone or glass, but of wood. And since we have the relevant know-how on how to process wood, the decision was quickly made. Within a very short time, I had drawn the TELEOIS monolith and based on this information, the first prototype was completed in our studio.

On October 8, 2014 at 15:29h I then received via e-mail the following 3 pictures:

The crazy thing was that I had sent the drawing to my friends via email the same morning .... and was more than surprised to see something concrete a few hours later. Wow, that was quite an experience. I was, admittedly more than amazed, when I discovered the photos on my smartphone ... and thought: Man, this "thing" is huge!

I immediately called to ask how they could make such a large wooden monolith in such a short time; the part is at least a meter tall.

I remember very well the reaction of my friend and co-worker: "What, one meter? Didn't you see the fourth photo I sent you?" "The fourth one?", I inquired. "No. Why ... is there a fourth photo?" "Yeah right! Take a good look!"

Sure enough, he had sent me a fourth photo that I had overlooked.

A few days later, during the first "Salon des thérapies naturelles" at the Château d'Aigle in the canton of Valais (in summer temperatures and lots of sunshine, by the way), when I showed the photos (without the one with the hand) to a few friends and therapists, everyone was convinced that it must be a relatively large object.

Anne, a dear colleague said that the "thing" must be as big as a tülre .... such an enormous energy was to be felt. When I then showed the photo with the hand, she almost fell off the chair ... and didn't want to believe it ;-)

In the above mentioned book is described among other things the rediscovery of the Teleois, the basis of the order rule of Polyklet (a famous sculptor around 440 B.C.) and the key to the true understanding of the Pythagorean philosophy of numbers. Furthermore, the Teleois units of mass are presented in more detail, on which the entire universe is built.

Teleois is found among other things in our solar system: The distance of the large and small planets from the sun and from each other are Teleois mass. Exact measurements of human normal skeletons in Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford showed that every important partial length of the skeleton in the structure of the human body has Teleois mass in relation to other parts !These masses are also found in our scales.

Every beautiful object or building of Greek art, be it a vase, a sculpture, a column, a hall or a temple: they are all in harmony with the Teleois masses. All geometric patterns, judged beautiful for millennia to be used again and again to build forms and decorations, are formed by Teleois parts or surfaces.

The literal meaning of Teleois is "perfect", "complete".

The TELEOIS-Monolith generates a place of power as well as a harmonious morphogenetic energy field, in which we and our thoughts and free will can move unhindered.

In the implementation of the idea, the following Teleois units of measurement were applied, among others: 1, 4 and 7.

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