The effect of the TELEOIS-Monolith is revealed by looking at the properties of the components used, such as walnut wood and gold. Walnuts provide the body with unsaturated fatty acids, which it cannot produce itself. However, these are important for the development of the brain and nerve cells. They also contain many vitamins and trace elements.

In the Bach flowers, the essence of walnut tree flowers helps, among other things, to inner strength. It is the flower for a new beginning. It gives the user security to be able to go a new way. It helps to take the last step into the new freedom, to loosen the last fetters. Influences of the outside world lose their power; you trust your own inner voice again.

The TELEOIS-Monolith offers protection and security. One feels embraced, taken care of and safe. It contains a lot of ancient knowledge (like in a huge library) and generates real silence and tranquility (like in a monastery).

This small object gives a feeling of spaciousness, like a sunrise or like a big door that shows the way for new things. It radiates refuge, tenderness and gentleness; you become more cordial to yourself, not always questioning everything but respecting it. One is in the here and now. Furthermore, it conveys patience, confidence, concentration; one is crystal clear and can focus well.

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