I received this feedback from the husband of a dentist who has her practice on Lake Geneva. I owe the rash of this feedback not to the members of the family, but to their little Lhasa Apso, a breed of dog bred by lamas in monasteries in Tibet and considered "ambassadors of peace and happiness".

Before this family installed the AQUAFLOW System, they wanted to test the effect of the Aquivator.

For this purpose, they installed an Aquivator on the third floor of their villa in the parents' bathroom. Since the husband works as an engineer, he wanted to test the effect of the Aquivator on their little dog first. To do this, he filled the vitalized water into a small drinking bowl and filled a second bowl with water from the kitchen. Then he placed the two bowls in the dog's usual eating place.

With a smile he told me on the occasion of a visit to my store that "Chip", as the dog is called, only drinks vitalized water. Even if he places the drinking bowl on the third floor and the second bowl with non-vitalized water is downstairs in the kitchen, Chip takes the trouble to traipse up three floors to drink from the vitalized water.

However, the owners themselves also noticed the difference immediately and therefore decided to fit the cold water supply line with the AQUAFLOW ribbon in order to benefit from vitalized water throughout the house.

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