It is always a pleasure for us to be approached by young people who are looking for products that give their work an ecological touch. This is also the case of a young Figaro: In search of a system for water vitalization he came across our homepage. After a very interesting and also for us revealing telephone conversation we were allowed to deliver three Aquajets to this new customer for the opening of his new salon.

Already a few weeks after the opening we received a nice feedback! How could it be any different ;-)

Since I - at an initial stage - also partly wash the hair of my clientele, and since the tap water in our region is very chalky, I and my two female employees immediately noticed that the water felt decidedly "different".

What was also relatively soon noticed by my clientele.

It's interesting how much can often be achieved with very little. Nice when you can do your job with heart and a smile !

Since the vitalizing and refreshing effect of the AQUAJET lasts for over 20 years, you (and your family) can benefit from refreshing and revitalized water for many years. I offer you a 10-year functional guarantee: from the date of purchase. It is amortized in a short time !

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