At the end of June 2008, I was contacted by a bank director who was attending a conference I had helped organize: "I was very interested in what you had to say about the Aquivator. I would also like more information about the possibility of protecting our workforce from electrosmog. I would like to meet you so that we can discuss the various possibilities in more detail."

Thus I found myself then scarcely two weeks later at the head office of this large bank and stood opposite a committee of 7 persons. At 14:00h sharp, after the official greeting, I was told: "We give you exactly half an hour to inform us about tachyon energy and your application possibilities in our bank!"

Around 17:30h I then informed the ladies and gentlemen present that my stomach was now starting to rumble and that I would be happy to delve even deeper into this interesting subject at a later date ;-) This meeting and the following conversations formed the basis for an extremely interesting cooperation.

Like other banking institutions, this bank has decided to install the AQUIVATOR at all existing water taps; including in the cafeteria and in the staff canteen. It goes without saying that I cannot go into all the feedback at this point. The most informative information for me was provided by the staff of the cafeteria and the staff canteen:

- immediately I noticed that the water is much softer
- many employees ask if we have a new coffee; it tastes much better
- after a few days I noticed that the lime can be easily wiped off
- since the installation of the aquivators more people eat in our canteen
- my hands are much softer, although I still use the same detergent

The successes achieved and the experience gained eventually led to our products being referred to in internal memos, and within a short time we were able to add a large number of new customers to our portfolio. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the management once again for their confidence in us.

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