Water revitalization devices have been around for many decades and in recent years this market has virtually exploded: The abundance of devices of all types and sizes in various price ranges has become confusing for consumers.

The team led by research manager Andreas Schulz from the Hagalis AG analysis laboratory has tested more than 300 water revitalization systems over many years. Using the water crystal method he developed and by analyzing the ingredients, the water revitalized with the various systems was examined and described in detail.

The best and thus recommendable devices / systems and the results of the tests are clearly presented in the book "Geräte zur Wasserbelebung (Devices for water revitalization)". This reference book provides for the first time a valuable orientation aid for all people who want to purchase a device for water revitalization in your private area or for municipal water supplies and want to be spared from unpleasant surprises.

The evaluations of the large-scale study of the research laboratory Hagalis AG, in which over 340 systems for the revitalization of drinking water were tested over a period of 9 years, have shown that our AQUAFLOW system with the AQUIVATOR achieved the top mark in terms of quality-efficiency-price and economy!

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