In the summer of 1997, I designed the VITA*CARD, the first Energy Card in our current range. Today we offer seven different Energy Cards, which I will introduce to you in this section.

The Energy Cards have been designed primarily to invigorate water, drinks and food. Apart from that - as you will see - our Energy Cards offer other interesting applications !

Application of the Energy Cards: Place the Energy Card of your choice for a short time (1 to 3 minutes) under a glass or under a jug of fresh water. This period of time is sufficient to transfer the information of the Energy Card. You can easily leave the Energy Card of your choice under the glass / jug for the whole day (or overnight). Just fill up the jar with fresh water from time to time.

Of course, you can also use the Energy Cards to vitalize other drinks such as fruit juices, teas, coffee or wine. Feel free to experiment a bit. You will probably also notice that the taste of the drink changes: many users think that the drinks are "rounder", taste more pleasant and above all: that food is digested better.

In this regard, I especially recommend the FOOD*CARD.

Production of the Energy Cards: All Energy Cards are handmade by us from pure crystalline silicon. After the tachyonization process we developed in 1995/1996, they are laminated to protect their fine silicon structure from wear and tear. By the way, the laminate does not reduce the effect in any way !

Analyses (Masaru Emoto method): Out of pure curiosity, we decided in 2012 to have the energetic spectrum of our Energy Cards analyzed by means of the method developed by the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. In November 2012, we therefore contacted the two Swiss water researchers Sarah Steinmann and Ernst F. Braun and asked them for a detailed analysis of the tachyonized Energy Cards.

To perform the analyses, a small vial was filled with steam distilled water and placed on the Energy Cards for a specified time.

Afterwards, 22 drops were taken with a pipette for each individual sample, distributed on Petri dishes and deep-frozen at -30°C.

After a certain period of time, the Petri dishes with the frozen drops are photographed under the microscope (magnification up to 500x). Snowflake-like shapes can form on the top of these drops, which allow a clear statement about the quality of the water. Clean water, such as spring water, always forms hexagonal structures; polluted water, on the other hand, never does !

Since steam-distilled water was used for the analysis of the Energy Cards, which in principle cannot form crystals (see example photo), we had to assume that no crystalline forms would be found. All the more astonishing - according to the statement of the specialist laboratory - were the results obtained.

In the section Water Crystals I have published all crystal pictures. Have fun looking at them ;-)


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