The pendants that I present to you in this section can provide an interesting support for people who are looking for an effective talisman. They are individually handmade in our studio. We use only the purest materials such as silicon, gold, silver and copper.

The various precious metals that we use to make these amulets take a very important role in medicine. Below I present in key words the energetic potential that underlies them.

Fields of application of pure gold:

>• joint / bone pain
>• with life weariness
>• burn-out syndrome, heart problems
>• gives courage and self-confidence

Fields of application of pure silver:

>• ulcers, neurodermatitis, allergies
>• athlete's foot, infections
>• menstrual cramps, menopausal problems
>• sleep disorders, digestive problems

Fields of application of pure copper:

>• venous diseases (e.g. varicose veins)
>• hyperthyroidism, hair loss
>• muscle tension, anxiety
>• immune system disorders, endocrine system disorders


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