In the implementation of the SOLAR*RAY we have incorporated various information from holistic medicine.

Let's start with the color scheme:

Yellow is the color of joy of life. This color helps people who suffer from constant stress, anxiety and insecurity and lack of self-confidence. These conditions often cause nervousness and attack the stomach, pancreas and metabolism.

Yellow promotes optimism and is very helpful in the treatment of most types of headaches. In addition, this color is interesting in the case of dyslexia, diabetes, phobias, anorexia, bulimia and skin conditions of all kinds.

The energy spectrum of SOLAR*RAY has an indirect relation to the yellow-colored flowers of the following Bach flowers:


Deep hopelessness; these people have lost faith that they can still be helped. To do others a favor, they may still try different forms of treatment. People who need Gorse have given up. The "it's all no use anymore" feeling may occur after a long illness. The person has hoped to get better, but at some point he has given up that hope. The negative experiences to which he was exposed again and again, the constant setbacks, made him lose all hope and resign.

Potential effect: Gorse reawakens in one the hope and belief in improvement. Affected people change their basic attitude and slowly become life-affirming and more optimistic again and get the necessary strength to overcome difficulties and the courage to face conflicts. This flower can help to develop a different perspective on one's life situation. It enables to see the positive even in bad circumstances.


For those who are afraid of worldly, determinable things, pain, illness, poverty, darkness, being alone, misfortune and accidents. Mimulus is also the flower for fears of concrete things, such as: Fear of dogs, spiders or mice; fear of flying; fear of thunderstorms; fear of certain or new situations; fear of losing friends; stage fright; fear of being alone, etc. These are fears of everyday life. These people keep their fears and anxieties to themselves and rarely talk about them with others.

Action potential: Mimulus promotes the ability to face new situations and challenges. One meets difficulties, challenges of life with more courage and serenity. One develops confidence and trust. Thus, one grows beyond one's own fears and anxieties and recognizes their relativity.


For those who are at times melancholy or even despairing, as if a cold, dark cloud overshadows them, hiding the light and joy of life from them. It seems impossible to find a reason or explanation for these moods. Under these circumstances it is almost impossible to be happy or cheerful. Flowering takes away their sadness and leads them to a brighter life. People who need Mustard are introverts.

Action potential: Mustard brings joy and light back into life after a period of deep dejection and despair. It reduces depressive moods such as moodiness, pessimism, listlessness, joylessness and grumpiness. One learns to go through the ups and downs of life with an inner cheerfulness and is no longer so easily drawn into depression.

Rock Rose

The remedy for emergencies and also for cases where it even seems hopeless. In case of accidents or sudden illness, when the patient is very frightened or his condition is so serious that all others present become frightened as well. Even when the patient is not conscious, his lips can be moistened with this remedy. Other remedies may be needed, Clematis if the unconsciousness seems like a deep sleep, Agrimony if the pain is severe, etc.

Action potential: The remedy helps one to regain balance, one becomes calmer, calmer and more alert. One calms down again and gets a clearer overview of the situation. One develops courage and steadfastness to cope with the situation. One is thereby enabled to rise above oneself in exceptional situations and crises.

The lasered spiral manifests a dynamic that moves both inward and outward. It conveys balance to the physical body and, through the chosen color, a clearly defined additional effect. The points at the end of the spiral built on the Fibonacci sequence represent our feet, hands and head and have a direct relationship to the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If you now think that the mentioned statements apply to your current situation and you are looking for more joy in life, this pendant could be the right choice.

Furthermore, the SOLAR*RAY has a direct relation to astrology; i.e. that it promotes the positive aspects of the zodiac signs assigned to this color. Yellow is assigned in astrology to the zodiac signs of Pisces, Leo and Sagittarius.

Pisces-born people have a strong sense of justice. Since they strive for bliss and fulfillment in everything, they usually have an abundant and deep inner life. Generally speaking, Pisces are very lovable. No person can be as loving and as enchanting and gentle as Pisces-born people.

Leo radiates strength, joie de vivre, courage and warmth. He can be a bringer of light (the Sun is his planet) and flood his environment with his warmth of heart. He is characterized by his creative power and can shine with top performances. Leo loves independence.

Sagittarius is life-affirming and pursues once set goals with much vigor. Great will for freedom and high idealism distinguish this sign of the zodiac. Sagittarians are often incorrigible optimists, benevolent, philanthropic and -not only in the spiritual sense- explorers and travelers.

Material: pure crystalline silicon, individually handmade.
Size: Ø 30mm, approx. 9mm thick

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