BioGenesis is an eternal technology of light. The BioGenesis energy is the underlying intelligence of creation. It is the energy that creates, nurtures and changes everything according to the laws of nature. It is the light of creation.

Through the application of BioGenesis™ light tools, the memory of the perfection of creation is restored in every cell and atom. BioGenesis™ products channel and distribute the energy of creation, the memory of the origin of creation, and refresh this memory within us and our environment, manifesting health, harmony and light.

Applications with BioGenesis™ products promote sensitive awareness, heightened consciousness, regeneration, more love, more energy and more joy in life.

BioGenesis™ products are ideal to be used by naturopathic therapists, physicians and also by private individuals. The successes achieved with the use of these products since 1999 never cease to amaze.

The Great Masters say that we can compare the creation with the germination of a seed. The seed already contains everything that will be necessary to grow a tree. What does a seed need to grow? Light. Light is the origin of creation. The gradual unfolding of creation begins here, step by step, layer by layer, from the smallest particle to the all-encompassing universe. This is the light spoken of in the light of BioGenesis, the light of creation. BioGenesis is the energy that creates, nourishes and changes everything, on the individual as well as on the cosmic levels.

At the birth of creation, everything is still in total harmony. Everything is in total balance. Therefore, through the application of the BioGenesis Light Tools, the memory of the perfection of Creation is restored in every cell and atom. The BioGenesis Light Tools are the link between the perfect harmony at the beginning of all being and the physical world today. BioGenesis Light Tools channel and distribute the energy of creation, the memory of the origin of creation, and refresh this memory within us and our environment, bringing back health, harmony and light.

It is always about resonance. The question is what we resonate with or want to resonate with. Think of it like an orchestra. If some instruments are out of tune there will not be a harmonious concert. Now, if these instruments are brought back into resonance, into tune with some very precise and accurately tuned instruments, the overall quality of the concert will be much better. It is much the same with ourselves. When certain functions are out of balance, it can be corrected by bringing them into resonance with their corresponding correct original vibration or frequency. The memory of this state of perfection at the beginning of the process of creation is imprinted in the tools of light.

Manufacturing: All BioGenesis products (pure crystalline silicon) are individually handmade by employees of a small renowned glassworks in Bavaria and "informed" by us afterwards. They are energetic pieces of jewelry that release new qualities of light and energy. They resonate with the cosmic energy system that envelops the earth; also known as the "Akashic Chronicle" or "Morphogenetic Field" (Rupert Sheldrake).

Each individual object is therefore just as unique as its future owners.

Even in modern times, the manufacturing process resembles a fusion of magic and alchemy. The sight of the complex melting and shaping process enchants again and again. Not to mention that the knowledge of the ingredients needed to "imbue" the silicon with a certain color has been a closely guarded secret for centuries.

About the logo, which is lasered into all products:

>• it symbolizes creation
>• it symbolizes the birth of creation
>• it symbolizes the first rotation of creation

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How BioGenesis™ brought to life.

A very well-known healer in the United States, Hanna Kroeger began holding services in a small chapel on her Peaceful Medow Retreat property in the early 1970s. She built this chapel in a disused chicken coop to give her grandchildren, family and friends a place to commune with God and study spiritual laws in peace and seclusion.

Often the only people present at these services were Hanna's family and her family friends Linda and Robert Demaray and their three children. One Sunday morning a strange man appeared at the service. The very tall man was dressed in a long coat and he greeted the visibly surprised people in a friendly manner. He walked from person to person and told each one what their destiny was.

After speaking to each person, he went to Linda Demaray and gave her the following words: "Believe and respect your eight-year-old daughter Cindy when she talks about seeing angels and other beings. Cindy will bring great light to the earth." He then left the chapel, was not to be seen again and the place around the building was also empty. Hanna Kroeger was convinced that he was a holy man and asked Linda to listen to his words at all costs.

In 1997, over 25 years later, a wonderful being of light appeared to Cindy one day, radiating a great deal of love. He introduced himself as Ascended Master Lantos. He was different from all the other beings of light that Cindy had seen and grown up with. He manifested in a form so that Cindy could see him and speak to him directly.

After this initial contact, Master Lantos appeared to Cindy at regular intervals and one day he introduced her to BioGenesis technology. He gave her detailed instructions for building a device called the Genesis Device Pyramid. This pyramid was then inaugurated by Master Lantos and Master Hodel and thus connected to the energy of creation.

In this device, the BioGenesis products are trained (informed) so that they can then transmit the BioGenesis energy to their environment.