Based on the feedback we have received since 1996, it never ceases to amaze us what extensive potential is inherent in tachyons. The variety of application possibilities allow practically unlimited applications.

Whether you use them to harmonize the chakras and feel your body, mind and spirit relax in a very light and harmonious way, or you want to use what may be a new kind of "tool" to ground and open you at the same time during meditation; BIOTAC Line© tachyon products never cease to amaze.

Used in the energetic-therapeutic field, our products can help to identify the emotional pattern underlying the problem and, in a further step, to clear and transform it. We think that we have succeeded in creating products that are able to help interested persons to access this lightful energy source and to consciously take concrete measures for their personal well-being.

Energetic cleaning: Tests (including kinesiology, radiesthesia, bio-resonance, radionics, etc.) prove time and again that it is not necessary to "cleanse" BIOTAC VITA LINE© tachyon products. Unlike precious and semi-precious stones, they cannot "charge".

Duration of effect: The duration of effect of our products - with the exception of textiles - is comparable to that of magnets; i.e. a good few decades.

Each tachyon product is individually handmade by employees of a small renowned glassworks in Bavaria. Each individual item is therefore just as unique as its future owner. This individuality contributes to the fact that the inherent potentials of all persons who use our tachyon products are potentiated and promoted.

Practically all the products we offer are consciously made of pure silicon. Silicon is the element of life. Thanks to scientific research, we know that without silicon - the second most abundant element on our planet - healthy human development is not possible.

The manufacturing process is like a fusion of magic and alchemy. The sight of the highly complex and "secret" melting and shaping process enchants us again and again on the occasion of our regular visits to the glassworks.

Not to forget that the knowledge of the ingredients needed to "imbue" the silicon with a certain color has been a closely guarded secret for centuries.

Only this much can be revealed at this point: For the manufacture of certain products, valuable gold is used, along with many other ingredients. It is therefore not surprising that our products have very special energetic vibration patterns after the Tachyonization process.

>• Chakra pendant * Tree of Life
>• Chakra pendant * Matrigon
>• Chakra pendant * Sunbeam
>• Chakra pendant * Xyluriz