Ingenious to realize ideas and projects !

Since ancient times, the cosmos has been symbolically represented by the union of two equilateral triangles; one triangle signifies the revealed world of matter, the other triangle represents the transcendental spiritual world. Furthermore, this form stands for microcosm/macrocosm, above/below, heaven/earth, male/female ... etc.

The subtle energy spectrum of the matrigon offers us the possibility to unite the mentioned aspects. The matrigon has a very powerful energy, which has been proven to promote the development of extrasensory and extrasensory perception; more intuitive thinking and acting result, among other things, from the use of this chakra pendant.

Wearing the Matrigon can help to awaken one's inner light potential and promote it. This pendant helps people on their path in life; especially if they have decided to go in a very specific direction, to concretize a current project or are engaged in the realization of a project.

I remember well when during a channeling I was told that the Matrigon designed by Norbert Kindl serves like a lie detector: the Matrigon reveals the " inner truth " of the person who wears this pendant ... and for this reason it promotes the authenticity of the projects with which the person is engaged. In short: I find it difficult to lie to myself ... and to invent any excuses related to the realization of projects. How quickly we give up if small (or big) obstacles get in the way.

The Matrigon can support when it is necessary to:

>• to gain more confidence and self-confidence
>• to become clear about one's own values
>• to integrate more harmony into one's own life
>• to be able to solve questions concerning the future

Note: I recommend wearing the Matrigon at the level of the solar plexus ... because in this region (Manipura chakra) sit hidden and unconscious fears. During sleep this pendant should not be worn. With all tachyon products, which we were allowed to realize until today, a conscious application is recommended !

For energetic-therapeutic applications, the Matrigon can be placed on the chakra of your choice; with the tip pointing upwards it supplies energy, with the tip pointing downwards it "removes and deletes" excess energies.

Made of pure silicon, the Matrigon is available in four color variations. Dimensions ~ 35 x 38 x 7mm

Manufacturing: Each silicon-based tachyon product is individually handcrafted by employees of a small renowned glassworks in Bavaria.

Each individual item, like the Matrigon, is therefore just as unique as its future owners. Even today, the manufacturing process resembles a fusion of magic and alchemy. The sight of the highly complex and "secret" melting and shaping process enchants again and again. Not to mention that the knowledge of the ingredients needed to "imbue" the silicon with a certain color has been a closely guarded secret for centuries.

In what situations can the Rose/Coral Matrigon offer an interesting support ?

>• when I am stuck in a loveless situation
>• in case of imbalance in giving and receiving love
>• to connect with the voice of the heart
>• after disappointments (love relationship)
>• in case of fertility and hormonal disorders

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In what situations can the Lime Green Matrigon offer an interesting support ?

>• if I often think: "I can't do that".
>• if I'm stuck in a situation that is getting out of hand
>• if it would do me good to get help "from above
>• if I cannot take advantage of opportunities that arise
>• when I do not say what I want because I am afraid of criticism

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In what situations can the Aquamarine Matrigon offer an interesting support ?

>• overcomes shyness and stage fright
>• to strengthen the confidence in my own creative abilities
>• to be inspired by my intuition
>• for immune deficiency and increased susceptibility to infections
>• in case of repeated illnesses of the respiratory tract

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In what situations can the Opal Matrigon offer an interesting support ?

>• to stimulate inspiration and imagination
>• interesting to support "money rituals
>• balances deep-seated emotions and desires
>• reinforces thoughts and actions of the wearer
>• gives a feeling of warmth and security

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