The Xyluriz consists of two circles, which symbolize, among other things, unity, infinity, recurring cycles and progress. The Xyluriz thus represents a three-dimensional symbol of infinity. Its shape, which resembles that of a wheel, can help to get things rolling and projects going; be it to move forward a bit faster on one's path or also to get unresolved issues flowing more optimally ... be it to overcome obstacles, be it to implement deeds and above all to be able to let go.

Other properties: The Xyluriz helps (applied in the therapeutic-energetic field) to release ancient energetic blockages. Figuratively, you can imagine that the Xyluriz "disappears" into the body; it "dives" down into the problem, "pulls" it out and thus enables to become clear about the cause of the problem to be treated.

Since the Xyluriz has soothing qualities, it is excellent to be applied to the corresponding area in case of acute pain.

Although it is the smallest tachyon product in this segment, it probably has by far the "strongest" energy potential. This again by the fact that it is equipped with the "softest" energy potential. The energy of the Xyluriz may be compared with that of a rose or a new born baby.

Another interesting feature that distinguishes the Xyluriz: Even though it is the smallest pendant in our range, it has the potential to protect the wearer against unwanted external influences and subtle "energy robbers". In this regard, I can especially recommend you the violet-colored as well as the magenta-colored Xyluriz.

Each chakra pendant in our range is therefore just as unique as its future owner. The manufacturing process, even in this day and age, resembles a fusion of magic and alchemy. The sight of the highly complex and "secret" melting and shaping process enchants again and again. Not to mention that the knowledge of the ingredients needed to "imbue" silicon with a certain color has been a closely guarded secret for centuries.

The Xyluriz is available in 15 color variations. Size: ~ 25mm x 6mm

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