In general, it can be used to promote health, in the treatment of cancer, kidney disease and extensively in the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. It has been used in chemotherapy for decades and is commonly used in emergency rooms and intensive care units around the world.

It is a first-class antifungal agent and can dramatically slow down the process of chronic kidney disease.

Acne: exfoliate with baking soda > mix baking soda and water at body temperature to form a paste. Apply immediately and massage the skin very gently with circular movements for a maximum of two to three minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly and treat as usual.

Anti-ageing = rejuvenating effect: 50 to 100 grams of baking soda added to a full bath > has a refreshing effect and stimulates blood circulation. Makes the skin smooth and soft).

Belching, heartburn: A pinch of baking soda dissolved in water helps people who have constantly burped after eating food that is difficult to digest.

Bronchitis: Inhaling with a baking soda and water solution has an expectorant effect and can bring rapid relief.

Candida fungi & cancer cells: Dr. Marc Sircus made the experience that Candida infections including cancer cells are destroyed with baking soda. Candida fungi (and other fungi) and cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline and oxygen-rich environment. By taking baking soda, the patient's pH value is increased, thus supplying his organism with oxygen and at the same time declaring war on the pests in his body. Dr. Marc Sircus declares the use of baking soda to be the cheapest, safest and perhaps most effective cancer drug that has ever existed!

Deodorants are superfluous if you powder your armpits with baking soda or spray them with a baking soda solution.

Energy drink: Stir 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 to a whole teaspoon of sugar cane molasses or maple syrup or agave juice or honey in 1/4 liter of warm water and drink in sips between meals. Note > Do not drink later than 15:00h if you have difficulty falling asleep.

Flu and colds: mix half a teaspoon to a whole teaspoon with water and drink this solution several times a day for a few days.

Skin: By washing regularly with a baking soda solution, you cleanse your skin and supply it with oxygen. You can achieve smooth and wonderfully soft skin. A positive side effect is that the organism is additionally supplied with oxygen by treating the skin.

Insect bites: A poultice of baking soda applied with water can help with pain, itching and swelling.

Caries formation and bad breath: can be inhibited by rinsing the mouth with baking soda.

Cancer tumors: Conventional medical researchers recently discovered that baking soda or the bicarbonate it contains can specifically soften cancer tumors. This means that a significantly lower dose of chemotherapy or radiation can achieve much faster results.

Metabolic acidosis: is a metabolic acidification of the blood and body. It can be alleviated and even cured with the help of baking soda therapy.

Tired and aching feet: perk up with a baking soda foot bath. Add 3 heaped teaspoons of baking soda to 10 liters of warm water and soak your feet for a quarter of an hour.

Sweaty feet: Sprinkle a little baking soda into socks and shoes every day. Baking soda prevents the acidic reaction of sweat and binds the unpleasant odor. Regular foot baths also help.

Kidney diseases (acute and chronic) : Protection of the kidneys and other tissues through the protective, buffering and neutralizing properties of baking soda.

Heartburn: If you regularly drink a baking soda energy drink, this problem may go away on its own. Otherwise, a baking soda and lemon water mix may help. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and a strong squeeze of a real lemon mixed with 1/4 lt of water. Note > Do not consume too much baking soda at once, especially immediately before and after eating. The stomach acid could be neutralized and thus hinder digestion.

Sunburn: Soak a T-shirt in a baking soda and water solution and put it on wet. This has a quick pain-relieving effect.

Acidosis / overweight: no overweight without acidosis! If the body is acidic, it has too little oxygen. Waste products and unusable food cannot be removed. They are temporarily stored and end up in the fat layer. Acidic body = fat body, i.e. overweight. Regularly drinking a baking soda energy drink gives the acid and fat no chance.

Sensitive people who catch every virus are over-acidified from experience. If they were to take baking soda on purpose, their acids would be neutralized, the pH values in the body would rise and the organism would receive more oxygen. The waste products could be removed and people would recover.

Toothpaste / whitening agent: Teeth were often brushed with baking soda, which resulted in bright white teeth within a very short time. However, this tip is only advisable if the enamel is really perfect, as baking soda could attack the enamel under certain circumstances and could exacerbate enamel defects.

If higher doses of baking soda are used for cancer treatments (100-500g are recommended for a full bath), you should take a break after a week so that the body does not become too alkaline and get too much carbon dioxide (which can lead to heart and respiratory problems). It can be injected intravenously in emergency situations, and as a home remedy orally as a drink.

The best method is to take it as a drink and combine it with transdermal absorption. If you want to use it for cancer, kidney disease, asthma and diabetes with the greatest possible success, you should always use it together with magnesium chloride.

Baking soda and magnesium chloride in combination make the ultimate mitochondrial cocktail. This combination increases the oxygen transport capacity of the blood and lungs: drunk or inhaled nebulized).

The mitochondrion is an organelle enclosed by a double membrane with its own genetic material. Mitochondria are found in the cells of almost all eukaryotes. They are not found in prokaryotes. Among other things, mitochondria function as "energy power plants" by producing the energy-rich molecule adenosine triphosphate. In addition, they fulfill other essential functions for the cell; for example, they are involved in the formation of iron-sulfur clusters.

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