Ein anderes lernt‘ ich,
das Leute gebrauchen,
die Ärzte zu werden wünschen

Another one I'm learning,
that people use
who wish to become doctors

"I AM" - UR. The second rune is the rune of healers, all those who are ready to do "good". For all-those who want to help other beings to be healed. The ur rune is there to heal wounds and pains, to remind the body of its perfection from which it has broken out.

Who is able to recognize the "original cause" of a circumstance, is able to find means to harmonize the cause and to banish the "evil". The energy potential of this rune includes, among other things, the property of increasing happiness, and, what is quite essential, to recognize pseudo-evil and pseudo-happiness as such. This inevitably leads to being able to grasp the true core of every occurrence. The situation, be it "evil" or "good", is clearly brought to one's attention. Therefore, the motto of this rune is "Know thyself, and thou shalt know all!"

This rune represents the themes: Primordial Fire, Primordial Eternity, Primordial Light and Immortality. It symbolizes the cause of all realities. Its application leads to the recognition of deception by matter, it lifts the veil of Isis and clears Maya (Indian for deception, imagination). In addition, it helps to recognize new insights into the potentials within; the potentials that are now ready to be applied. For this reason, it especially promotes one's creativity. Like dandruff the realization falls; I recognize the world.

The primal rune is the cause of all things, the primal time, the primal mother and the eternal. If this rune is "grasped" correctly, I recognize the meaning of life. The primal rune represents immortality. Persons who have mastered this rune have access to the knowledge of being healed, of the connections, how matter is built and how disharmonies can be restructured.

Application in the field of Feng Shui:

This rune is predestined to understand the knowledge of the laws of nature better and clearer. Therefore I can assign it with good conscience to the sector Knowledge-Wisdom-Recovery. The corresponding trigram for this Pa-Kua sector is GEN.

Extremely interesting in interaction with the following trigrams: KUN - ZHEN - DUI - GEN - QIAN

Application in the field of "personal well-being":

>• helps to gain valuable insights
>• helps to connect with the "Akashic Chronicle"
>• promotes intuition and creativity
>• extremely helpful for people who help other beings

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