Ein Drittes kenn‘ ich,
das kommt mir zu gut als Fessel für meine Feinde;
dem Widerstreiter verstumpf‘ ich das Schwert
ihm hilft weder Waffe noch Wehr

A third I know,
That comes too well to me as a fetter for my enemies;
I dull the sword of the foe.
Neither weapon nor defense helps him

The third rune can be used as a symbol of protection and defense. Furthermore, it is suitable to banish unwanted energies and bring them to solidify.

In the Nibelungen saga, Wotan (Odin) put the disobedient Valkyrie Brynhild into the sleep of death with the death thorn (thunderbolt, lightning). Valkyries represent angels of death or death demons, to whom fell the warriors who had fallen on the battlefield. Comparisons to the modern fairy tale Sleeping Beauty by the Brothers Grimm, which appeared in 1812, come to mind again here. This in turn is based on the French version "La belle au bois dormant " by Charles Perrault, which, however, appeared much earlier, in 1697.

Furthermore, however, this rune can also represent the "thorn of life" (phallus). With it the death is defeated by the rebirth, because in the Nordic saga is to be read that Brynhild awakes, after Siegfried united with her sexually.

This "symbol" dulls the weapon of the one struck to death, just as the power of the forces of death is transformed by the constant renewal of life in rebirth. I AM THOR! By my magic I bind every enemy and make his sword blunt, that it cuts no more.

The affirmation that accompanies this rune is, "Know thine own self!" The use of this rune can help strengthen the will and the deed (action).

New things are often created by destroying the old. Such as the regular burning of lands practiced by the Australian Aborigines to allow new life to emerge. In occidental astrology, the zodiac sign Scorpio represents this rune, as it stands for sexuality and death, the beginning and end of things. Hence the name life thorn and death thorn. Life as the antithesis.

In its full armor with the Three, Thor's hammer, body, mind, soul in harmony, I blunt all enemy steel, I grasp all impending dangers with the hammer wedge.

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