Ein Viertes noch weiss ich, wenn man mir wirft Arme und Beine in Bande;
Alsbald ich es singe, alsbald kann ich fort,
vom Fusse fällt mir die Fessel,
der Haft von den Händen herab

A fourth I know, when they throw me arms and legs in bands;
As soon as I sing it, as soon I can go away,
From my feet the shackle falls,
The arrest from my hands

Os, as, ask, ast, ase, mouth, emergence, ash, ashes

The mouth, the power of speech! The spiritual power (power of suggestion) working through the speech shatters the bodily fetters and gives freedom, it defeats even those victors who gain advantages only with physical power, and destroys all tyranny. Therefore, "Your spiritual power makes you free!"

I am OS. When the enemy binds you and casts the spell, then all bonds jump and you are free.

J.W. * Origin. Origin, Ase. Mouth (lat. Os). Symbol of power of speech. Os rune is also the Od rune or Thil rune, the rune of spirit, of breath, of breathing power. Indicates of Od, Prana, Mana. Most people have breath without odem.

Breaking the shackles and obstacles: Resistance through the power of the spirit. Especially favorable for Mercury-born.

Strengthening of breathing, respiratory system, lungs and power of speech. Absorption of mana, fine power rays. Especially for the mystic of high importance, because this rune contains the most important vowels (I-O-A)...

H.R. * It is in this power the victory of the divine mouth in the law of moral forces, destroying everything lower.

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