Ein Fünftes erfuhr ich
wenn fröhlichen Flugs ein Geschoss auf die Scharen daherfliegt;
wie stark es auch zuckt, ich zwing es zu stehen
ergreif ich es bloss mit dem Blicke.

A fifth I learned
when a projectile flies merrily along on the flocks;
however strongly it twitches, I force it to stand still
I seize it with my eyes only.

Rit, reith, rath, ruoth, Rita, Rath, Roth, Rad, Rod, Rott, Right.

The thrice sanctified "Rita", the "sun-wheel", the "Urfyr" primeval fire, God himself!

The high inwardness feeling of the Aryans was their consciousness of the own divinity, because "inwardness" means exactly the "being with oneself" and to be with oneself is to be with God. As long as a people, as a natural people, still possesses its entire original inwardness unclouded, it has no reason for an external worship of God, for an external worship bound to ceremonies, which only become noticeable when one is no longer able to find his God in his own innermost being, but begins to see him outside his ego, outside the world, "up in the starry sky".

The less inwardly man is, the more outwardly his life becomes, and the more a people loses its inwardness, the more pompous and ceremonial become its outward manifestations in the essence of administration, law and its cult, which there already appear as special concepts, while they are supposed to be one in cognition:

"What I believe, that I know, and therefore I live it out." The Aryan God-inside therefore also founded the proud contempt of death of the Aryans and their boundless God- and self-confidence, which expresses itself brilliantly in the "Rita", whose meaningful word-sign was just the fifth rune. Therefore this rune says: "I am my Rod (right), this Rod is invulnerable, therefore I myself am invulnerable, because my Rod is me!"

I am RITA! By thought power I repel every attack from you, even if it is still so violent. I am the clarification, the solution and the victory over your ME.

J.W. * Advice, right, strength
J.W. * Rita, primal law

Years of injustice and adversity (bad aspects) are finally overcome. Rit and Rite correspond to the words Tarot and Torah and indicate that the runic series can be applied like the Tarot to the questioning of destiny and future.

As protection against impending injustice.

H.R. * It is in this power the victory of the divine mouth in the law of the moral forces, destroying everything lower.

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