Ein Sechstes ist mein, wenn ein Mann mich sehrt
mit fremden Baumes Wurzel;
nicht mich versehrt, den Mann verzehrt
das Verderben, mit dem er mir drohte

A sixth is mine, if a man very me
with another tree's root;
not me hurt, the man consumed
the ruin with which he threatened me

Ka, kaun, kann, kuna, kein, kiel, kon, daring, kein (nothing)

The "world tree" "Yggdrasil" was considered in the narrower sense as the Aryan tribe, beside which the foreign-racial tribes were considered as "foreign trees". The runic term "kaun", "kunna" (girl, e.g. in Adelgunde) designates the female principle in the universe, in the purely sexual sense. The trunk, the race is to be preserved purely, it may not be polluted by "foreign tree root" (phallus). But if it would happen nevertheless, such would be of little use to the "foreign tree", because its "foreign plant rice" would nevertheless grow up to its most furious enemy; therefore: "Your blood, your highest good!

I am KA, the rune of the expert and master. If another warrior awakens the fury in me, the misfortune hits him instead of me. You can do anything if you want.

J.W. * Justice, but also power, skill, king. Rune of the arts, magic, alchemy, astrology, runic lore. Emphasis on the feminine principle in legal, right thinking. Balancing justice, therefore especially strong with position of Venus in this sign.

Strengthening of all powers in the practice of arts, alchemical or astrological work; development of magical abilities. On talismans and coats of arms often with female figures (Freya) or objects that have something to do with art, alchemy or even astrology.

H.R. * It is a procreation rune, in the highest sense sublime over all sensual pleasure, an office and ritual at the work of creation. In it lies the great law of balancing justice; all desolate procreation (thoughts) turn against themselves. Principle of cause and effect. Torch of creation, shaping the world of forms (art).

Through Odin's self-sacrifice, Yggdrasil becomes the sacrificial tree. Since Odin hangs himself on Yggdrasil to get the secret knowledge at the roots of Yggdrasil, you can also see a knowledge tree in Yggdrasil, through which you can get to the secret knowledge.

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