Ein Siebentes kenn‘ ich,
seh‘ ich den Brand hoch um der Menschen Behausung:
wie weit er auch brenne, ich bringt ihn zur Ruh‘
mit zähmendem Zaubergesange

A seventh I know,
I see the fire high around man's dwelling:
however far it burns, I'll put it to rest
With taming magic song

The universe cherish, enclose, hail, destroy

Hagall. The inwardness feeling, the consciousness to carry his God with all his qualities enclosed in himself, produces that high self-confidence in the power of the own spirit, which gives miracle power, which miracle power is inherent in all those people, who believe strong spirit undoubtedly convinced in the same. Christ, who was one of these rare people, said: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, if any man should say unto this rock, Be thou removed, and believe it, this rock would be removed, and fall into the sea. Carried by this undoubted consciousness, the exquisite one controls the physical and the spiritual, which he cherishes all-embracingly and through it feels all-powerful. Therefore: "Embrace the universe within you and you will dominate the universe".

I am Hagall, I know how to cast any spell. When a house is on fire, I banish the fire. I am the sacred sign that connects you humans with God.

J.W. * Wisdom

Union of the male and female principle. Androgyny as higher development. I AM, harmony of all runes. Most important and perfect rune of the whole series. Encompasses all other runes and includes their meanings. Hence the expression: "The All-Heaven". Rune of the great mysteries. Key to all other runes, to magic, astral wanderings, clairvoyance, etc. It can be thought of as composed of the Man rune and the Yr rune. But also from the Is rune and the painting cross or from the Noth and the Eh rune. But also other runes are contained in it. With the Hag-All-Rune is also connected the All-Rune, that miracle root, which gives magic and supernatural abilities and is known, famous and desired since ancient times as one of the strongest amulets. Compare also everything about hexagrams. This rune seems to have a strong triggering power. Unfavorable "radiations" can be cancelled with it. Thousands of times used as a healing rune on buildings.

Krist-All, Crystal, Christ-All. Sacred sign that connects goth and man. Snowflake.

H.R. * Hagall = I cherish, enclose, enclose everything, hold in itself, the key to the universe and thus of all runes.

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