Ein Achtes eignet mir, Allen gewiss
am nötigsten zu benutzen:
wo irgend Hader bei Helden erwächst,
da weiss ich ihn schnell zu schlichten

An eighth is suitable for me, certainly for all
most necessary to all:
where any quarrel arises among heroes,
I know how to settle it quickly

Nauth, noth, norn, fate force

The Nothrune blooms at the nail of the Norn. It is not the "need" in the today's understanding of the word, but the "compulsion of the fate" which just the Norns determine according to primal laws, thus the organic causality of all happening to understand under it. The one who is able to grasp the origin of an event, who recognizes the organic-legal development and the subsequent events resulting from it, is also able to measure the consequences preparing themselves, he masters the knowledge of the future and therefore also knows how to settle all disputes by the "coercion of the clearly recognized course of fate". Therefore: "Use your destiny, do not resist it!

Where hatred and distress arise, I, NOT, am the rune of the path of fate and the cosmic round dance. I open you the gate to invisible healing powers ... AEPANTI NAM ! ..

J.W. * Not only external misery, death, loss, but fate in general in every sense.

Overcoming of this fate, turnaround of distress. Man, become master of your fate - know it in order to overcome it.

H.R. * Karma, the causality of all events, the line through the self-willed calculation, downward, into earthly disaster.

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