Ein Neuntes versteh‘ ich,
wenn Not mir entsteht, mein Schiff auf dem Meere zu schützen:
da still ich den Sturm auf der steigenden See
und beschwichtige den Schwall der Wogen

I understand a ninth thing,
When need arises to protect my ship on the sea:
I calm the storm on the rising sea
And calm the surge of the waves

I, me, is, ice, iron

By the "undoubted consciousness of the own spiritual power" the waves are tamed - "made frozen" - they freeze like ice. But not only the waves (symbolic for will) alone, all life is obedient to the compellingly strong will and countless examples from the "Agis-shield" of Wotan, that of Athena with the "Gorgon's head", the "Ag-is-helm", up to the hunter's belief and hunter's use of the "freezing" and the modern hypnosis are based on the hypnotic power of the will-powerful spirit, which is symbolized by this ninth rune. Therefore: "Gain power over yourself and you have power over all the spirit and body world resisting you".

I subdue the force of nature, I am IS, I sing into slumber every lake. All created in the universe I bind to the unity. I am the course of the things.

J.W. * Manhood, power, mastery. Man is a living Is rune, whether he knows it or not, he is perpendicular to the center of the earth, under the influence of the effective forces, currents, and waves which pass through the universe. Man is an antenna nature and will allow the good and evil cosmic effects to flow upon him, to what extent he is willing and able to receive them. Masculine principles, magical powers. World axis.

The meaning of the rune is: gain power over yourself. So also health, all good qualities, etc. The rune also means: ice and iron, so Mars is particularly powerful in this sign. Furthermore, since the rune means the "magic wand", it is the "magic rune". It leads all cosmic forces, mana and fine force rays particularly strongly into an amulet. It is the "sucking in" symbol: in contrast to the Hagall rune which is to be understood more as radiating symbol.

H.R. * The consciousness of one's own spirit power, of the almighty I, of its all-presence. Self-mastery. Helps to bring body, mind and soul into equation.

PS: AEGIS is an electronic warning and fire control system on warships, developed by the United States Navy and now used by several navies worldwide.

PS2: The association purpose of AEGIS is to inform broad segments of the population, especially parents of young children, about the immense dangers of vaccinations.

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