Ein Zehntes verwend‘ ich,
wenn durch die Luft
spukende Reit‘rinnen sprengen:
fang ich den Zauber an, fahren verwirrt
Sie aus Gestalt und Bestreben

I use a tenth thing,
When through the air
haunting horsewomen burst through the air:
When I begin the spell, they go confused
They from form and aspiration

Ar, Sun, Urfyr, Aryan, Eagle

The "Ur", the "Urfyr" (primordial fire, God), the "Sun", the "Light" destroy both the spiritual and the physical darkness, the doubts and the uncertain. In the sign of the Ur the Aria (the sons of the sun) founded their Rita, the Aryan primal law, whose hieroglyph is the "Aar" (eagle), which sacrifices itself by consecrating itself to the death of flame in the Urfyr in order to be reborn. That is why he was also called "Fanisk" and later "Phoenix", and that is why one let an eagle fly up from the corpse fire of a celebrated one as -sensuous hieroglyph-, in order to indicate that the deceased, rejuvenating himself in death, prepares himself for rebirth, in order to strive for even more glorious future life in the human body, in spite of all inhibition of the dark forces, which collapse powerlessly before the "Ur". Therefore: "Respect the Urfyr!"

I am AR. When evil witches fly through the air, I cause their mind to be confused, so that they turn away from you.

J.W. * Beauty, harmony, balance. Harmony to perfection, arc, circle, sun.

Turning the inharmonious into the harmonious, of course, only if we can make the rune and the sun come alive in us; as this is also true for all other runes.

H.R. * All haunting gives way to this light.

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