Ein Elftes kann ich auch noch im Kampf,
wenn ich den Liebling geleite:
ich sing‘s in den Schild und er siegt in der Schlacht
zieht heil dahin und heil wieder heim
verharrt in Heil allenthalben

I can also do an eleventh in combat,
When I lead the darling
I sing it into the shield and he wins the battle
goes there in one piece and returns home in one piece
He remains in salvation everywhere

Sol, sal, sul, sig, sigi, sun, salvation, victory, column, school, goal

"Sal and sig!" - "Hail and victory!" This many thousand years old Uraric greeting and battle cry, which is also found varied in the extended enthusiasm cry: "alaf fal fena" (all sun salvation to the power-conscious), has become a symbol in the "Sig rune" (victory rune), the eleventh sign of the Futharkh: "The Creator Spirit must win!"

I am victory. I win for you every honest fight. I am your shield and your protection in every battle. All your requests and wishes I will promote to you.

J.W. * Rune of the solar power, the victorious, success, success. It breaks down, symbolically, into three parts: 1) the life of the soul with God 2) the falling away into matter 3) the reunion with God after overcoming matter. It means struggle and victory with body and spirit. The ray of lightning that enlightens us, the blessing from above.

H.R. * Gain, victory, light. Rejoicing of the soul.

PS1: Since the publication of the Harry Potter novels this rune promotes the wildest speculations. Coincidence?

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