Ein Zwölftes hab‘ ich:
hängt am Baum droben einer erdrosselt;
ritz‘ ich es dann mit Runen ein,
herab steigt der Mann und redet mit mir.

I have a twelfth:
When a strangled man hangs from a tree above;
I carve it with runes,
the man comes down and talks to me.

Tyr, tar, tur, Thier, Tiu, Zio, Ziu, Zeus, tar, witness, turn, conceal, hence camouflage skin, etc.

The reborn Wotan, i.e. the Wotan descended rejuvenated from the world tree after his self-sacrifice, as well as the "Fanask" (phoenix) rising rejuvenated from the ashes, personifies himself in the young sun and sword god Tyr.

According to the rule of the mysticism the magic belief always moves in parallels to the mythe, by adapting the mythical model in equations to human-earthly processes, in order to achieve similar results, as the mythe reports them, while the esotericism, on the basis of the recognized "one and twofold duality", recognizes the mystical one in the mystical many, and sees in it the destiny of all and consequently also of each individual, in the eternal change from passing to resurrection.

As Wotan after his self-sacrifice, as which not only his death, but his whole life is to be regarded, returns in a new body, so also every single human being returns after every life in the human body, which is likewise a self-sacrifice, with a new body through the rebirth to the human life. That is why "tar" means to beget, to live and to pass away, that is why "Tyr" is the resurrected young sun, and that is why the twelfth rune is also a "victory rune" and therefore has been carved as a victory-giving sign on sword blades and spear blades. It should say: "Do not fear the death, it cannot kill you!

I am TYR, I bring the dead back to life. I am the rebirth and master over life and death. Therefore never fear death, it cannot kill you.

J.W. * Procreation, turning, fearlessness. Rebirth, eternal change, magic rune. This rune, along with the all-encompassing Hagall rune, is the most mysterious of the whole series. Because by the meaning of witnessing, becoming, it also points to concealment (cloak of invisibility), again a magical process. These esoteric meanings imply that everything material is to be overcome. Negative influences of moon, Saturn e.g. are to be recognized and overcome thus after the old saying: The wise man controls the stars (i.e. his horoscope) For this purpose the rune can be used also as talisman. Related to Mars as the planet of masculinity. Is considered a talisman of luck and defense against evil eye. Therefore particularly favorable as a beams rune at the house, stable uw. Bigt wealth and abundance in every direction.

H.R. * Roof, dew. Siegrune of the rebirth of Thyr, the sword-wielding Teut in the solar battle. Egyptian: Thot - He is the recorder of the court of the dead and notes whether the deceased are worthy to be taken up into the realm of the return respectively into the realm of the dead, inventor of language and writing (see also trigrams: Fo-Hi, the mystic founder of the Chinese dynasty).

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