Ein Dreizehntes nenn‘ ich
netz‘ ich den Sohn eines Edlen im ersten Bade
so kommt er in Kampf, er kann nicht fallen,
es schlägt kein Schwert ihn zu Boden

A thirteenth I call
If I net the son of a nobleman in the first bath
he comes into battle, he cannot fall,
No sword will strike him to the ground

Bar, beork, biörk, birth, song, stretcher

Spiritual life in the universe, the eternal life, in which the human life between birth and death means only one day, is opposed in the bar rune to this one-day life in the human body, as it goes from "bar" (birth) to "bar" (bier, death), and which is consecrated and celebrated by the "water of life" in the baptism. This (day)-life is limited by birth and death and if the fate has not determined the sword-death for the born, so he is nevertheless exposed to this and many other dangers, because in spite of determination and sending of the fate the dark coincidence rules in the free will of the people and against such bad coincidence the consecration blessing should work.

The Teuton did not recognize a blind Fatum (destiny), he believed in a predestination in great features, but he saw it intuitively that many inhibitions - "coincidences! - stand in the way of the execution and fulfillment of the predestination, in order to steel the strength to fulfill it. Without those coincidences, for example, every fir tree would have to be strictly symmetrical in all its parts, one would have to resemble the other, while two completely identical ones could not be found, and exactly so it would have to be in human life. All indiscriminately uniform and equal. Therefore the born should be sanctified by the "water of life" against inhibiting coincidences.

Therefore: "Your life is in God's hand, trust the God in you!

I am BAR, I consecrate you with holy water, and if one day you stand before the enemy, he cannot hurt you.

Trust the God in you, your life is in his hand.

J.W. * Rune of all earthly life, being and passing away. In the sense as birth with following struggle for existence the rune has marsic qualities and works in this direction.

H.R. * The salvage of the newborn life was "accepted" with the old Teutons only if the child was dipped in the cold river water, baptized and proved healthy.

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