Ein Vierzehntes sing ich versammeltem Volk
beim Nennen der göttlichen Namen
denn aller der Asen und Alben Art
kenn‘ ich so gut wie keiner

A fourteenth I sing to the assembled people
when calling the divine names
For of all the Aesir and Alb I know
I know as well as none

Laf, lagu, lögr, primeval law, sea, life, downfall (defeat)

The intuitive recognition of the organic essence of the universe and thus of the primordial laws of nature forms the unshakable basis of the Aryan doctrine of salvation or "Wihinei" (religion), which was able to grasp and embrace the universe and therefore also the individual in its coming into being, its development and its passing away into a new coming into being, This esoteric knowledge, however, was imparted to the people in myths with a clear meaning, since the naive eye of the people, unaccustomed to deep and distant vision, is just as incapable of overlooking the primordial law as the physical eye is of the sea, or the untrained inner, spiritual eye is of the endlessness of life in the universe. That is why the fourteenth rune says: "First learn to steer, then dare the sea journey".

I am LAF, I embody the divine law to which you humans are bound. Recognize life as initiation to the Divine, to the Unity.

J.W. * Trial, temptation, commitment that we have taken upon ourselves. Realization that life is a continued great test and painful initiation. Those who allow themselves to be overcome by human weaknesses suffer from the forces of this rune eternally radiating down from the cosmos. Therefore, the physical body with its temptations must be overcome by the knowledge of the Laf rune and already in the earth existence the higher suffering (astral body, ego) must be developed to higher perfection.

This rune has great relations to Mercury, its great influence on everything earthly, changing.

H.R. * It is the initiation rune for the higher life. Laf means nordic: physician, the right judge of the laws of life. Leek = the ancient medicinal plant. Lye = the Laug water.

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